1. If you do not have your own broker/agent, you are using OpenDoor’s employees to represent you.
  2. OpenDoor is in the business to profit for its shareholder’s. As a company, they work to make as much money as possible from homes they sell.
  3. OpenDoor does as few repairs as possible before they sell a home, you should have your own broker/agent guidance to ensure you thoroughly inspect and negotiate repairs.
  4. If you do not carefully request repairs from OpenDoor, as a company, they will do only what is required in black/white, nothing more.
  5. Without working with a broker/agent of your own, you may miss out on homes that are better suited to your needs.

Working with OpenDoor has the following benefits:

  • Use their app and access properties instantly on your schedule- look for OpenDoor homes in the app store
  • See new properties as they come on the market

Working with OpenDoor and without a Realtor representing YOU is not a good idea, because:

  • You are without exclusive representation since you do not have a different real estate broker/agent representing you
  • The agent who works with you from OpenDoor, is employed by OpenDoor
  • You might not see homes for sale that are not listed with OpenDoor that might be better suited to your needs

It does not cost you anything to have your own agent- that’ right $0. Actually, you will end up saving dollars because you have an agent/broker who will negotiate on your behalf to get you a better price, more requested repairs completed and terms that work for you.

Call Francesca Hamilton at (480) 382 -8514 to learn about homes for sale on OpenDoor and the MLS.

When OpenDoor first came to Arizona, Francesca had the opportunity to list two OpenDoor homes. Francesca knows the team at OpenDoor, and has closed multiple OpenDoor home sales.

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