When you purchase a home, you typically have 10 days from the date of contract acceptance to do a comprehensive inspection. This is one of the most active times when your Realtor helps you.

You the buyer chooses the home inspector. There are many wonderful inspectors out there, you can check out Yelp and Google to find an inspector, and I encourage you to read their reviews.

Here is a list of inspectors I have used before:

  • Sunset Home Inspections: Bernie Rubin
    (480) 514 – 6543 (mobile)
  • Arizona Superior Home Inspections: Larry Swanson
    (480) 206 – 2034 (office)
  • AJF Engineering Home Inspections (one of the largest inspection companies in the Valley)
    (480) 661 – 8888 (office)

Before midnight on the last day of the inspection period you can do one of the 3 following things via the Buyer Inspection Notice Seller Response (BINSR). Your Realtor helps you put this list together, it is a formal document submitted to the seller:

  1. Submit a detailed list of disapproved items for the seller to repair.
  2. Reject the premises and cancel the contract to buy the home.
  3. Accept the home as-is and request zero repairs from the seller.

The seller has 3 choices, and five days to respond to your BINSR:

  1. They can refuse to do any repairs. At which point you the buyer can either decide to move forward with the home anyways (without any repairs), OR you can cancel the contract to buy the home.
  2. They can agree to do some of the repairs. This is relatively common. At which point you can decide to move forward and buy the home with only some of the repairs completed, OR you can cancel the contract to buy the home.
  3. The sellers can agree to accept all of your repair items as requested and your inspection period is completed, you are moving forward with the contract to buy the home.

Three days or sooner before close of escrow (which is the day where you pay your down payment, your loan is funded and you receive the keys) we will walk the home and confirm that the seller has completed all of the repairs as agreed between the parties. We also ensure the home is in similar condition to when we went under contract and sign a pre-closing buyer walk-through form…. Now onto close of escrow & key day!

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