Yes you can purchase a condo in Scottsdale to put on airbnb or vrbo, but there are some things you need to know first to buy the right property!

Are short term rentals allowed in Scottsdale, AZ?

Yes, short term rentals are permitted in the City of Scottsdale as long as you have a permit issued from the City of Scottsdale and follow all of the guidelines the municipality has set.

Can you Airbnb a condo in Scottsdale?

Yes, you can airbnb or short term rent a property within an HOA in Scottsdale if the HOA (home owners association) does not have rules against short term rentals.

What to look for when identifying if a condo is a good fit for a short term rental?

  1. Call the HOA for the condo you are interested in and ask them for a copy of their Covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC & Rs), bylaws and rules and regulations. Have them e-mail you current copies.
  2. While on the phone, 1) ask the person at the HOA if there are any “minimum term” requirements for rentals. What you are looking for is that the HOA does not have any minimum rental terms. 2) also ask the HOA if there are any required “registration with the HOA when you have a new tenant?” Some HOA’s require that you inform the board/HOA when you have a new tenant, pay a fee, and/or require review of your tenants application. If the HOA requires review of the tenants application, a form to be filled out for each tenant, plus a fee, we don’t typically suggest buying a short term rental in that HOA as they could enforce that rule at anytime and make running your business impossible.
  3. What you want is a property that does not have a minimum rental term and does not require a sign-up for every new tenant with the HOA.
  4. Keep in mind at least 80% of HOAs in Scottsdale require renters to stay at least 30-90 days. Beware, some HOAs don’t allow rentals at all!
  5. We do not recommend purchasing a property in an HOA unless the rules are relaxed, and allow you to run the short term rental business for success.
  6. Review the CC&Rs, bylaws, and rules and regulations documents in detail.
  7. Work with an agent who understands the short term rental market, and can help you identify properties that allow AIRBNB in Scottsdale.
  8. At Hamilton Luxury Group, we have a list of condos in Scottsdale that allow airbnb and can set you up on a MLS search that identifies properties that allow AIRBNB. This is a proprietary list we have created, which you won’t find elsewhere.
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