Properties in Scottsdale Under $350K

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If you are looking for a property in Scottsdale, AZ under $350,000 there are many different options and neighborhoods to choose from. Whether you are interested in buying a home, a town home or a condo, Scottsdale AZ ranks well in affordability and you can find a beautiful property at $350,000 or less. If you are considering a larger property, condo with more amenities or desire acreage/ land, there are properties in Scottsdale in all price ranges.

Most of the properties in Scottsdale, AZ that are under $350,000 are going to be either condominiums with HOA (home owner’s association) fees or town homes with HOA fees. One of the benefits of buying either a town home or condo, is that your maintenance fees such as the landscaping, exterior paint and maintenance are included in the HOA fee making it easier to manage as a home owner.

There are some single family homes without HOA for sale in Scottsdale under $350,000, and these will primarily be in either South Scottsdale (85257) or in North Scottsdale, or they would be a smaller home. If you are not seeing what you desire on these pages, and are in a budget of $350,000 or less, there are nearby areas to Scottsdale that you could consider that may have better options for your needs.

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