Are you looking for a turn-key short term rental for sale in Scottsdale, AZ?

Welcome to 8549 E Angus Drive in beautiful Old Town Scottsdale. This home would make a wonderful home sweet home, but is also available as a turn-key short term rental with all furniture included + future reservations!

– 4 bedroom 2 bathroom 1907 sq ft

– Pool, nearly 10k square foot lot size & 2 car garage

– RV gates, RV hook up, storage room

– Solid Allied Built home

– Offered at $899,000 fully furnished

The listing agent, Francesca Hamilton, has extensive short term rental experience and can answer any questions you have about the property management company currently being used, or transitioning to self-management. Call/text Francesca Hamilton at (480) 382 – 8514.

Income Opportunity: Turn-Key Short Term Rental For Sale

A four bedroom, two bathroom home in the Old Town Scottsdale zip code of 85251 is known to produce anywhere from $80,000 – $150,000 per year in gross rents from websites like AIRBNB and VRBO.

Francesca Hamilton owns a home similar to Angus approximately 1 mile away, that is on track for $140,000 in gross rents for 2023.

The secret to running a great short term rental is designing the short term rental for a specific “avatar.” The “avatar” is the type of guest you are hoping will book your home, whether that is families, friends trips, birthday visits or bachelorette/bachelor party groups.

Angus could continue to operate with no improvements, or a savvy new buyer could make modifications to target their desired “avatar” guest type, and enhance the income opportunity of this property.

The good news, all of the hard work is already done for you! A well stocked home with furnishings in place, outdoor furniture and future reservations. Be prepared for the 2024 season and start operation during the highest income months of the year, and enjoy the benefits of property ownership for your 2023 taxes.

We have information on the income history for Angus since it has been operating as a short term rental, starting in September 2022. Please call/text us at (480) 382-8514 if you would like that information.

Why is Angus a nicer home than most short term rental properties for sale that you see online?

Francesca Hamilton has been selling real estate in Scottsdale for near 10 years and owns two properties in the 85251 zip code, the same zip code where Angus is located.

While most homes in 85251, the “Old Town zip code” are just that, Old, some homes were initially nicer when they were built in 1957-1960, depending on what builder established the particular subdivision.

The Angus property is located in Village Grove. Village Grove real estate was built by Allied Homes, as compared to some of the properties in subdivisions like Scottsdale Estates which may have been a more affordable Hallcraft home, on the lower end of the budget spectrum. The Scottsdale Estates properties featured only a 1 car garage/carport, often a smaller floor plan, smaller lot size, and less bedrooms. The Village Grove homes feature at least a 2 car garage/carport, larger lots and typically larger homes. Since inception, the Village Grove subdivision, Allied built homes, were of higher quality, and more desirable.

Allied Homes also typically lend themselves to an easier structural remodel opportunity later, due to the way their trusses are positioned.

Property Management for 8549 E Angus Dr

Currently, the property is being managed by Evolve property management at a rate of 10% of gross rent receipts. There is no contract in place with Evolve, so if the new buyer would like to self manage that is an option. Francesca has extensive self management experience, and would be happy to share insights on operating without the additional expense of a property manager.

If you would like to continue with Evolve’s property management service that would make for a seamless transition.

Request More Information

We have a full marketing package we can share with you that includes expenses, income and design enhancement ideas. Please call/text us at (480) 382-8514 if you would like that information.