Today’s Competitive Market Demands a Cohesive Design

Curate a cohesive design in order to stand out against your competition.

Here’s a few examples of cohesively designed short term rentals:






Investing in a cohesive design will pay off with more bookings & higher rates.

Tips for creating a cohesive STR:

  1. Determine an overall style of furniture/décor you like, and stick with it throughout the home or at least in individual spaces. (more on Interior Styles)
  2. Choose color palettes for individual rooms, and choose an overall color personality for the home. (more on Color Palettes)
  3. Determine your vibe! Before you hit “check out,” consider whether the item you’re purchasing is within the overall style, and color palette you’ve selected. If it isn’t, find something that better aligns with your cohesive design.

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