Have you decided to sell your airbnb property? Concerned about the upcoming reservations and honoring your commitment to future guests?

It’s shocking, but there have been many STR owners who decide to sell their short term rentals, without notifying future guests. All of a sudden, that guest goes to look for their reservation on their airbnb account and cannot locate the listing associated with the reservation number!


The good news is that if you decide to sell your airbnb property, you can invite those upcoming reservations to re-book with the new owner. However, airbnb does not have a system in place to assist with this process. It is done completely from host to host.

If you are planning to sell your airbnb property and have a date in mind when you’d like to put the home on the market for sale, it’s a good idea to talk to your realtor about how to handle your calendar. If you are local in Arizona, my name is Francesca Hamilton and I am a short term rental property specialist and would love to help you buy or sell an STR property. Call me anytime at 480-382-8514.

Here is a step by step process on how to transfer those upcoming reservations to the new owner!

  1. Identify which reservations will be coming after the close of escrow date. Let’s say your close of escrow date is on January 30. And your next reservation is coming up afterwards. Make a list of those payouts, including the guest name, quantity of guests/any pets, and the check-in and out dates, plus any notable special accommodations. Even better if you add any special celebration that is bringing the guest to your property, just to give that special touch and background to the new host. Provide the list to your new owner ahead of time, and go over it together on a call to ensure a smooth transition.
  2. Ensure your new owner has set up the listing similarly enough to the original list. You want to make sure the existing guest, will recognize that it’s the same home. For an outstanding reservation to be transferred, it is completely up to the guest whether or not they will follow through with the new host. That guest could decide not to re-book and would not be penalized. Ensuring your new oeners listing is accurate and in line with what the guest originally booked will assist in a higher success rate of keeping that future reservation.
  3. As a new host taking on those existing reservations from another listing, be ready to make a concession if required to keep the reservation. As important, let the guest know you are up to speed on what brings them into town, and of any special accommodations. Instead of a monetary concession, you can always allow an early check-in or check-out, or possibly, heat the pool for free or 50% off. It’s far better to start out with a handful of reservations than none, but that is as long as they’re dates and rates you think are in line with the market.
  4. Hospitality is key! The ultimate concept of airbnb is about being a host. Make sure your guest knows that they are in good hands! This will help you to get better reviews, and keep those reservations coming your way.