When I started my business I told a friend in the industry that I wanted to work with For Sale By Owner’s. He said, “Well they usually don’t like agents so I don’t know if that’s the best idea.” I thought differently. I think if an agent can “earn their keep” by offering value in a higher sold price to their clients, and turn-key services that make the process easier for the seller, then a FSBO(Seller) might consider using an agent. The truth is that most FSBOs end up listing with an agent, over 90% of them according to recent studies.

Here Are a Few Recent Success Stories:

Home with 4 bed 2 bath & Pool in Zip Code 85250

Under contract after 3 days on the market, to the first buyer who walked through, within 1.5% of list price! Seller was thrilled, and buyer’s were ecstatic to finally be owning in such a wonderful neighborhood. Here is a testimonial from that FSBO(Seller):

“About 4 months ago I got a cold call from a real estate agent. This agent was very professional, funny, smart and worked and played in my neighborhood. The back and forth banter over the phone wasn’t your typical fake sales person approach. It was refreshing, real and still to the point. Being in sales myself, I appreciate someone that knows what a potential client needs vs what they want. I have been fortunate to meet a couple of awesome real estate professionals in AZ. Now I can say I have a couple of PROVEN awesome agents to turn to and trust in this crazy “HOT” AZ market. A referral is always the biggest compliment in my book. Francesca Hamilton thank you for not compromising my needs and over delivering my wants. It was an emotional process selling my first home. You clearly were the right person for this job….. Thank You!”

Town Home with 3 Bed 2 Bath in Zip Code 85251

This seller listed his town home for sale on Zillow on 5/1/2017. I contacted the seller the first day he placed the home for sale on Zillow by sending him a Zillow e-mail. The seller was kind enough to set an appointment with me so I could preview the home. I did not tell the seller that I had a buyer, because I did not have a buyer at that time for his home. And, I did not use pushy sales tactics because I don’t think they work.

I went to the home with a small packet of info, and spent about 15 minutes total speaking with the owner. I kept in touch with him over the course of 3 weeks, and eventually he invited me back to the home to do a full presentation. The owner was so impressed that I provided value by explaining the process and how we would market his property most effectively that I won the listing. And, I gave this seller a great FSBO listing discount!

He tried the For Sale By Owner process for 6 weeks on his own, and he discovered that it simply wasn’t possible to find a buyer that would pay a retail price without using a real estate agent. Fortunately, after listing the home we were under contract the first day on market and closed 30 days later. And, despite the fact that the property was built in the 1960’s, we didn’t have any issues in the inspection period. I negotiated to ensure the best terms for my client from start to finish. Now, he’s soaking up the sunshine in California (the results of soaking up the sunshine in California may vary, that part I don’t guarantee).


Home with 2 Bed plus Den over 2000 sq ft and Pool in Zip Code 85258

I was fortunate to help a family with three of their FSBO properties, this included a complicated land lease property that backed up to Scottsdale Rd. This particular property for sale only included the structure, and the new buyer would have to pay a few hundred dollars to a land lease per month through the term of their ownership. In addition, the property hadn’t been updated since it was built in 1980, and the master bedroom was 8 ft off Scottsdale Rd. And, unfortunately, some people didn’t like the fact it was only a 2 bedroom.

Yes, it was a tough sale, and many hours were spent to find the right buyer who didn’t mind the bustling of Scottsdale Rd, or paying a few hundred per month to a land lease. I saw the value in this home, because it was truly a special piece of property with amazing architectural detail. We sold the property at a great price, more than other homes in the neighborhood with the same level upgrade (and those homes didn’t back up to Scottsdale Rd). The summary is that regardless the property, the complexity or challenge to find the right buyer, I am relentless in ensuring a smooth transaction for my client.

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