When you decide to list your home for sale, there is so much to think about. From figuring out where to move, packing, securing your belongings for showings, finding a place for your furry friends… the list goes on and on.

It is so easy to forget the basic principles of how to stage a home to sell. Many agents do not go through the re-staging process when listing a home for sale. The truth is, your favorite decorations, configuration of your living room, or overall decor is not highlighting the benefits of your property. When we decorate a home, we decorate it for us, we decorate for function, we don’t decorate for re-sale.

The goal when showing a home, is to have the home appeal to as many people as possible. Your home needs to convey a blank canvas, fresh start opportunity where a buyer’s next chapter can begin.

  • Re-staging is a comprehensive walk through, where together, you and I go through each room in your home (scroll down for before and after photos).
  • It could be as simple as moving around furniture, and opening up the room so the buyer can see the pool right when they walk in the home.
  • We might remove additional, functional furniture to reveal more space around the dining table, to demonstrate a roomier dining area.
  • Sometimes it’s necessary to remove drapes, or window screens to provide the best showing of your home’s light and bright feel.
  • Bright flowers and succulent plants can be placed throughout, to add brightness and color for the professional real estate photos, open houses and buyer walk through’s.
  • My team has a stock of re-staging decor that we bring into our clients homes to add showing value. If your home is vacant, we can discuss home staging (but that is an additional cost to be considered); re-staging is complimentary as part of our listing package.

Through comprehensive re-staging, we work together to make your home look it’s best before the professional real estate photos.

The photos are what brings people in the door to view the home, and when they are in the home, our light and bright re-staging will captivate them to make an offer. Re-staging encourages a higher sold price and fewer days on market, and it is included in our listing package!!

Before & After Photos

Here we brought in our own brighter colored comforter, matching lamps, stole a un-used table from another room, and hung a photo above the bed.
In this formal living room, we moved the couch so it wouldn’t block the sliding glass door that looked out onto the backyard entertainment and pool area. With this change, we show off the pool and the large size of the room.
Here we brought in our bright red flower pillows and succulents. We added wine glasses and a bottle of wine to create a lifestyle shot. We want to demonstrate to the buyer how wonderful it would be to live in this condo and enjoy this amazing patio!
The sellers had collected a lot of wonderful southwest decor. However, when we are selling a home that could use a remodel, we want to bring in fresh new decor to give the home a newer feel. We removed a lot of the decor from the built-in entertainment center, re-configured the living room, added bright decorations, and moved the wine bar and staged it.
A close up of the staged wine bar. Keep in mind this is a small 2 bedroom condo so creating different spaces makes the condo feel very useable!
We added a fun shower curtain to this room, de-cluttered the counter tops, and added our own matching black towels and floor rugs to enliven the bathroom space.

Most of the decor in the homes is existing (because you have good stuff!), we just tweak it and move the configurations to show off the space. We bring in our own decor such as succulents, flowers, bedding, lamps and decorations when needed, to enliven the space and stage it to sell!