Scottsdale just ranked as the number one job market in the United States for 2019. It seems too good to be true that we’re already back at the top of the charts. However, I am not surprised at this one! Wallethub ranks Scottsdale as the ninth healthiest city to live in the United States, out of 174 cities studied.

With access to tons of fitness clubs, outdoor challenges like Camelback Mountain, plus an abundance of sunshine days (299 days of sunshine on average), it isn’t surprising that people are so healthy here! Whether you are enjoying state-of-the-art gyms like The Village, or taking classes at CorePower or Bodi in Old Town, there’s certainly something for every level of fitness.

Here’s the ranking of the top 10 healthiest cities in the United States, for the full run-down, visit this page.

Ironically, the setback for Scottsdale not being higher on the list- the FOODIE scene! That’s right, the ranking metrics took into account the availability of healthy, gourmet, and specialty food markets and Scottsdale’s just got too many tasty (and maybe fried) options to rank higher. Since we aren’t “googling” enough healthy restaurants, we lost some points as this was a metric in the study. I have to say, if having too many great restaurants means we’re 9th on the list out of 174- I will take it. Now, will someone pass me the sweet potato tots, because I did my cardio this morning.