If you own a short term rental that hasn’t been performing well in the past few months, chances are that your calendar is either not in sync with the market demand, or a combination of calendar problems and a “tired” looking online listing.

Here’s 3 tips to refresh your listing:

  1. Change your main photo. Review your listing against the competition in an “incognito” browser window. The browser you usually use will always show your listing at the top because AIRBNB and the VRBO algorithm know you’re looking for it. Instead open an “incognito” browser window, then, search available dates you have on your listing and see where it ranks. When you find its ranking, compare the main photo against your competition and ask yourself these questions and then make a few changes.
    • Does my main photo stand out against the competition it’s next to?
    • Am I showing off the same amenity as everyone else (I.E. spa or hot tub)?
    • Does my Listing Headline effectively show the value?
  2. Color. If you’re listing isn’t doing well, it could be that the photos aren’t showcasing how “fun” the home is, or making it something memorable that a potential guest likes when reviewing all of their options. Add some color with throw pillows or fun art. Add a full-size game like Jenga, connect 4 or bags. Take some new professional photos and try those on your listing.
  3. Calendar. Do you have too many restrictions on your calendar in terms of length of stay? Is your calendar open for at least 6 months into the future? Are you actively adjusting market prices as dates approach that are un-booked or are you waiting until the last minute?