Old Town Scottsdale has more Arizona wineries offering wine tasting, or “cellar doors” as I like to call them, then you would think!

If you are looking for a fun way to spend a birthday, an excuse to get your friends together, or something to do that incorporates enjoying the great weather… set yourself up for a day of wine tasting in Old Town! As you travel between the closely located cellar doors, you can hop on a LimeBike, scooter or stroll- they’re all quite walk-able to one another.


Wine Tasting in Old Town Scottsdale
>>See the Google Map for Wine Tasting in Old Town
Use the map on the link above to navigate to the wineries!

Most of the cellar doors open at noon and close at eight. While many have delicious small bites, cheese plates and artisanal offerings to enjoy as you taste, they do not have full service restaurant options. If you want a meal before the tastings, I recommend going to one of the nearby restaurants. Or have a nice breakfast at home and nibble on offerings at the cellar doors. Many wineries have their own farms and sell more than just wine.

Stops as shown on the map click here for Google Map

  1. LDV Winery
  2. Salvatore Vineyards
  3. Carlson Creek Vineyards
  4. Aridus Wine Company
  5. Su Vino Winery

To add to your day, save the image below in your photos, text it to all wine tasting attendees beforehand. As you taste, compare what aromas and flavors you feel coming through.

wine tasting in old town scottsdale
Save this in your photos & reference during tastings

I know very little about wine, but saying “I feel the oaky breeze at the top, and the butter on the end of this one,” just makes the day more fun.

Hope you enjoy wine tasting in Old Town!