Selling your home for more money, in less time, without the hassle is the goal when listing your home for sale.

As a seller, there are things you can do to support your real estate agents efforts:

  1. Understand the recent closed sales in your neighborhood, their square footage and upgrades and most importantly their sold price. The market is constantly evolving, and if you are focused on homes sold over one year ago, and those prices, you may price your home unrealistically. When your home is priced incorrectly, it will sit on the market for more time. If you want to move fast, or the home is vacant, those additional days on market are expensive. Every additional day on market, is money you are paying to your mortgage company, insurance, taxes and HOA fees.
  2. Make the home easy to show. We are all busy, but if you are not flexible with showing times, you may miss out on potential buyers. Many agents and their buyers plan to visit homes last minute, or have limited time to go out looking. If you weren’t able to approve their showing request, they might miss out on seeing your home completely and fall in love with a different home that isn’t even as nice as yours!
  3. Get receipts and warranties together. If you have recently improved any mechanicals in your home, like HVAC, water heater, pool equipment or roof, keep those receipts. Many companies give a warranty that conveys with their work, and would be a benefit to the new buyer. There’s nothing better than having a book of receipts and warranties on the counter during showings, demonstrating your pride of ownership.
  4. Be open to feedback and help during Re-Staging. Francesca is a believer in the Re-Staging process. She feels like it’s her version of Marie Condo’s, “The Art of Tidying Up.” Through complimentary Re-Staging, Francesca sets the stage for your home to sell faster.
  5. Stay positive! Depending on your home’s price point, it could be normal for the property to take 30, 60 or 90+ days to sell. If you are pricing above market, knowingly, and want to test out what you could get, it could take even longer.

When you list your home with Francesca and her team, and listen to their expert guidance you will sell your home faster, for more money and in less time. See Francesca’s client testimonials here!