Each of the companies have a similar way that they purchase your home and they make money off of buying directly from you. Below is how Offerpad works, and Opendoor is very similar in process and cost.

Knock is a little different because they help you to purchase your next home before you sell your current home. For details on how Knock works click here.

The companies are in the business of buying your home for as little as possible so they can re-sell your home and make a profit.

I offer a cheaper rate for handling the sale to either companies directly for you, OR listing the home for sale to the public. But, you have to contact me before you speak with any of the companies you see on TV or online. Before we meet, I will send you a FREE and TRUE market report of your home, just complete the form on my website below.

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Why does Offerpad buy your home?

Offerpad is a company that buys properties below market value, then completes repairs to sell for a profit.

How does it work when you sell to Offerpad?

Step 1. Offerpad sends you an offer and from the offer deducts their fee. Their fee is usually 7-8.5% of the purchase price.

Step 2. You coordinate a home inspection with Offerpad. They send out one of their home inspectors to review your home’s condition and find needed repairs. If you made a mistake on the condition questions you were originally asked prior to getting the offer, an adjustment will be made.

Step 3. Several days after the home inspections are completed, Offerpad will put together a report of the repairs they require to sell the home again. You have the option of making the repairs they have asked or they will deduct the cost of the repairs from the offer so you don’t have to do the work yourself.

Step 4. At this point you either cancel the agreement with Offerpad if you are not satisfied with the repair cost, or if you agree-> you move forward towards selling the home to Offerpad.

Francesca Hamilton, a very experienced agent working with Offerpad, will give you free advice to sell your home in its current condition, but please be sure you do not contact Offerpad without speaking to her first.

Fill out the form below or call (480) 382 – 8514 and leave a voicemail. This is the first step in selling your home for the most money possible and there is no obligation.

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The best part, if you don’t get a good price from Offerpad or other companies she provides you, Francesca will sell your home on the MLS, in AS IS condition without repairs as fast as you would like. You have options!

Francesca makes the process stress-free and easy for her clients while getting them the best deal out there.

Does Offerpad pay closing costs?

No, Offerpad does not pay for closing costs.

What types of properties does Offerpad buy?

Offerpad will buy homes that are valued at $600,000 or less, built after 1960, and with a maximum one acre of land. Offerpad buys condos, townhomes and single family homes. They even purchase properties in 55+ communities like Sun City.

If your home is valued at more than $600,000, built before 1960 or on a larger lot, there are other companies that will buy it quickly, just call Francesca at (480) 382 – 8514.

Does Offerpad have an inspection or ask for home repairs?

Yes, after you have accepted the Offerpad offer and review the Offerpad fee (which is deducted from the sales price), a home inspection will be scheduled that is exactly like a regular home inspection and can include additional inspections of the pool if you have one, roof system, HVAC, etc.

Does Offerpad pay a fair price?

Yes, the purchase price they offer is usually a decent price however they charge a 7-8.5% service fee deducted from the offer, then they complete a home inspection and deduct money towards repairs.

The reason to use Offerpad is if you need to sell quickly, and you do not want to hassle with showing your home. But, there are ways to get more money from Offerpad for your home.

What should I do to get my home ready for Offerpad?

Call (480) 382 – 8514 to learn about what you need to do before you contact Offerpad.

How long does it take for Offerpad to buy my home?

The good thing about Offerpad is they are qualified buyers who have the money to purchase your home. If you approve of their offer, service fee and repair cost, you can close with Offerpad in as little as 21-30 days. Once you close, the money you made goes into your bank account or you can pick up a check.

How much does it cost to sell to Offerpad?

Total cost to sell to Offerpad is the service fee of 7-8.5%, the repair costs and closing costs. The repair costs are calculated after the home inspections are completed by Offerpad. You do not have to pay for the home inspections, Offerpad staff and vendors complete the inspections.

Keep in mind you only have one chance to get the best offer from Offerpad, so it’s important to be prepared prior to contacting them.

Which company will pay the most for my home?

All of the companies are different but they use the same data: homes recently sold and current homes for sale in your neighborhood. Some companies pay more and are willing to take more risk. Prices and fees are similar between the companies you see on TV and online. (Beware of “cash buyers” or your neighbor who may pay much less than what your home is worth.)

Will Offerpad pay more than a flipper?

In many cases, because of the way Offerpad is organized they will pay more than flippers, however, after they deduct their fees and repair costs it can sometimes be the same as what a flipper would pay you.

Is Offerpad like Zillow, Redfin, Knock, We Buy Ugly Houses and Opendoor?

Yes, Offerpad is similar to those other companies you see on TV and online.

Can I cancel selling my home to Offerpad after I start the process?

Offerpad wants you to have a good experience and if you do not want to move forward with the sale, Offerpad has very lenient cancellation policies. If you do something to your home without Offerpad’s knowledge like post it online for sale, they may cancel the contract on you as well.

Should I have an agent when working with Offerpad?

Absolutely! Without an agent you do not know if the price Offerpad is paying is fair market value. Do not use Zillow or Redfin as your evaluation for your property value as they are inaccurate. Think about it: how does a computer know what your home is actually worth?

By the time Offerpad takes out their 7-8.5% fee and deducts money for repairs the money you make can be less (up to $100,000) than what you would make if you sold it regularly. Do not contact Offerpad without talking to a Francesca first as she is experienced working with Offerpad and similar companies.

I guarantee, you will have more money in your bank account after you sell your home if we work together.

– Francesca Hamilton | 50 States Realty | Experienced with Offerpad
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Francesca Hamilton does not work for Offerpad.